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About Amarilis Rivero Garcia

About Amarilis Rivero Garcia

 Amarilis Rivero Garcia is a passionate dance and fitness instructor, renowned for her dedication to promoting the vibrant world of Cuban dance and fitness in Canada. With roots tracing back to the picturesque Granma Province in Cuba, Amarilis's journey in the world of dance and fitness has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Her love affair with dance began in the heart of her hometown in Cuba, where she embarked on a captivating dance journey that would eventually lead her to become a dance and fitness luminary in Canada. Amarilis's insatiable thirst for knowledge and her innate talent led her to the esteemed dance schools in Cuba, where she honed her craft and deepened her appreciation for the rich cultural tapestry of Cuban dance.

In 2002, Amarilis made Canada her new home, bringing with her the rhythm and soul of Cuban dance. Three years later, in 2005, she took her first steps into the world of fitness, setting the stage for her future as a multifaceted instructor.

In 2019, Amarilis achieved a significant milestone in her career by opening her own dance studio, Amarilis Cuban Dance and Fitness, right in the heart of Canada. Her studio quickly became a hub for individuals looking to experience the enchanting world of Cuban dance and the transformative power of fitness.

Amarilis is not only a dance and fitness instructor but also a dedicated learner. She embarked on a continuous journey of self-improvement, earning certifications such as Canfitpro Fitness Instructor, Cala Aqua Fitness Instructor, Figure 8 Dance Fitness, Barre Fitness, Bone Fit, and Zumba, among others.

Despite facing the unprecedented challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Amarilis's unwavering determination and adaptability allowed her to pivot her business. She closed her physical studio temporarily and transitioned to a virtual platform, offering classes and events through Zoom. Her dedication to her students and the community remained unshaken.

Amarilis Rivero Garcia's passion for Cuban dance and fitness, her commitment to her students, and her ability to evolve with the times have solidified her status as a prominent figure in the Canadian dance and fitness scene. She continues to inspire and uplift through her online offerings, providing a beacon of hope and positivity during challenging times.